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mini-alu (mini-alu)

This is a simple ALU. Four variables are used:
* c and d are inputs
* a b define the functions (o1,o2) as follows:
0 0 -> inputs are propagated to o1,o2
0 1 -> o2 is the OR of the inputs
1 0 -> o2 is the AND of the inputs
1 1 -> output is the sum of the inputs

Download: mini-alu_84.pla

Circuit Realizations:

Lib. lines gates costs File Pic. Ref. Notes
MCT 10 20 60 Download realization No picture available WD:2009
MCT 4 6 62 Download realization Show realization   Circuit obtained from Download specification. The function was minimized using the algorithm from MDM:2005 with template application. Embedding was found manually.