RevLib is an online resource for benchmarks within the domain of reversible and quantum circuit design
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We are indebted to the following users for their help in building RevLib, implementing tools and/or submitting new function specifications or realizations:

Mathias Soeken, Stefan Frehse, Sebastian Offerman For the fruitful joint work and their help in writing the documentation.
The students project "QBit" from the University of Bremen For the fruitful discussions.
Jacqueline E. Rice For her circuit contributions.
Zach Hamza For his help in updating RevLib.
Michael Miller For his circuit contributions and his very helpful suggestions to improve the page.
Mehdi Saeedi For his circuit contributions.
Nathan Scott For implementing the very helpful Quiver.
Uwe Forgber For the technical support behind RevLib.
Dmitri Maslov For for his suggestions and the permission to take some functions from his private page.

Beyond that, some Boolean functions provided in RevLib have been taken from the LGSynth benchmark library.